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Afraid You Might Have Pipe Damage?

Feb 19, 2021

If you find you have a pipe that has burst, you can attempt to turn the water off with the customer water shut-off valve on the line/pipe that enters your home. This customer shut-off valve location could be in one of the following general locations:

  • Inside your meter box in the front yard near the curb (see picture example below).
  • In a small round pipe just outside the meter box (see picture example below).

If you have an irrigation system and find a leak at the back-flow preventer, you may be able to isolate the leak by turning off the valve on the backflow device. If this does not resolve the issue, the customer shut off valve will need to be turned off as instructed above. Keep in mind that the customer shut off valve will restrict water to your entire property.

If you need assistance with shutting your water off, Inframark staff will do what we can to help. With the overwhelming demand on our call center we ask that you send an email to CSAUS@inframark.com for quicker response.

Separate small box

Inside meter box