Hays WCID 1

Trash Service and Wastewater Update

Feb 22, 2021

Trash Services Update

Trash Service will resume as normal on Wednesday, February 24th. TDS will pick up all normal trash plus 2 extra bags. We are currently working on a solution for construction trash/tree damage and will provide an update early next week.

Wastewater Update

Hays WCID No. 1 and No.2 receives our treated water by the WTCPUA. They are still urging water conservation as they continue to try and meet the water demands from busted pipes. Hays County WCID owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant for the community. We too are seeing a large amount of flows coming into the wastewater plant and ask that everyone help us as we catch up. You can help by not draining your tubs if you have them filled. Taking short showers, not use your washing machines or dishwashers, and trying to capture water if you must drip your indoor faucets tonight. All of these things will help reduce the strain on our wastewater system. We appreciate your help as we get through these unprecedented times.