Hays WCID 1

Storm Debris Cleanup

Feb 17, 2023

Belterra Residents,

We are providing this update on our storm debris cleanup efforts following the recent ice storm to address various questions received over the last couple of weeks. Our neighborhood landscaping company (Sunscape) began working through prioritized areas immediately after the storm, and Sunscape crews will continue to focus on storm debris in park, greenspace and trail areas in the coming weeks. The WCIDs manage hundreds of acres of greenspace, and unfortunately, it will take time to clear and dispose of debris in all areas. We are doing our best to prioritize these areas to promote safety and accessibility. Some trails have been and will remain closed until crews are able to reach them. In particular, please note that the Live Oak and Mockingbird Trails are closed until further notice.

With Sunscape focused on roadways, sidewalks, parks, trails and greenspaces, we have contracted with another landscape service provider (Terrain) to begin clearing large portions of the hundreds of acres of irrigation fields that we maintain. Although often not as visible to the community, these areas are very important to our utility operations and do require prompt attention. Given the scale of storm debris throughout the whole of Central Texas, and the difficulty many are experiencing in finding reasonable and reputable contractors to perform storm debris removal services, we are fortunate to have both Sunscape and Terrain on the job.

We have also received inquiries concerning collection of storm debris on residential lots. As we have previously communicated, TDS will be providing collection services beginning next week, February 22nd. We understand that some have been frustrated with waiting for these services, and we did attempt to work with TDS to schedule earlier collection dates. However, like other waste collection service providers, TDS has been overwhelmed and was unable to accommodate earlier pickup dates.

Residents are responsible for following TDS bundling rules, which have been posted several times on our Facebook page and website (https://www.hayswcid.org/hwcid-1/posts/2023-02-17/winter-storm-clean-up-with-tds). For those who are still working to remove branches and limbs from trees on your property, our landscaper has advised that fresh cuts to oak trees should be covered with paint or pruning seal immediately to help prevent oak wilt. However, cuts to other species and natural breaks in oak branches do not require sealing. Please see the accompanying reference material for additional information on oak wilt.

Many residents enjoy the trails, greenspaces and natural vegetation in Belterra, but maintenance can be a challenge, especially in the aftermath of this type of event. The devotion of resources and effort required for this undertaking has been and will continue to be significant, and we anticipate that crews will be working to clear and dispose of debris in Belterra into the summer months. We appreciate your patience while these efforts are underway. We expect no increases in tax rates or utility service charges associated with these cleanup efforts, but they will take time.

Oak Wilt Information

Contact the WCID staff at CSAUS@Inframark.com or 512-287-8004 or visit us at the Belterra Office, 151 Trinity Hills Dr, Austin TX 78737 Monday - Friday 7:00 to 4:00