Hays WCID 2

Tax Rate Reductions

Oct 19, 2020

The Board of Directors of Hays County WCID No. 2 is pleased to report to all District residents that it has voted to reduce the property tax rate within the District from 87.5cents per $100 of value to 86.5 cents per $100 of value. The Board has worked diligently to keep the property tax rate level as the community has been built out and has only recently been in a position to consider the possibility of reducing the tax rate. The Board views its action in September as both an achievement and a step in the right direction and will continue to evaluate the property tax rate on an annual basis in a fiscally responsible manner. In addition, the Board was able to save $676,681 by refunding Bond Series 2016. The District continues to monitor the call dates on all Bonds issued for future opportunities for additional savings.

Contact the WCID staff at CSAUS@Inframark.com or 512-287-8004 after hours 512-246-0498