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Bill Payment Information

Online Bill Pay

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When you set-up an online account, you will have access to:

  • View your monthly statements
  • Your consumption history
  • Important information relevant to your water district
  • A link to electronic payment methods
  • Set reminders for important dates such as due dates
  • Receive paperless bills

View, Print, Pay your Bill or Register Online

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Electronic payment options should not be utilized for delinquent accounts. The above options are not available for non-sufficient fund items or terminated service payments. Customers with non-sufficient fund items and terminated service must visit the Inframark office with a cashier’s check or money order to settle the account. ​

Additional Payment Methods

Online banking through your personal bank - IMPORTANT – add the exact address shown on your bill pay coupon, double-check that you input your account number correctly, and the addressee is entered EXACTLY the same as the bill pay coupon. If any of the information is input incorrectly, there will be a delay in receiving your payment. Please note that electronic banking is a generic term. Check with your bank to ensure they will send your payment “electronically” (2-3 days to process) or if it will be sent as a paper check (7 – 10 days).

Local Payments / Dropbox - Local payments are available at our two Austin offices.

South Office
151 Trinity Hills Dr,
Austin, TX 78737

North Office
14050 Summit Dr., Ste 103
Austin, TX 78728

Customer Support

Please feel free to contact the Customer Service Department at 512-246-0498, if you have questions.

Service Rate Schedule

Water Rate

$ 95.00Base Rate for Service
$ 2.30Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 0 gallons and 2,000 gallons
$ 3.85Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 2,001 gallons and 5,000 gallons
$ 4.24Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 5,001 gallons and 10,000 gallons
$ 4.88Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 10,001 gallons and 20,000 gallons
$ 5.86Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 20,001 gallons and 25,000 gallons
$ 7.03Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 25,001 gallons and 30,000 gallons
$ 10.55Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage between 30,001 gallons and 40,000 gallons
$ 15.83Rate per 1,000 gallons metered for usage above 40,001 gallons

Sewer Rate

$ 3.63Rate per 1,000 gallons of metered usage

Misc Fees

0.50 %TCEQ Fee