Hays WCID 1

Watering Restrictions

Hays WCID 1 is currently under Stage 2 Water Restrictions:


Watering times are between 12:00am and 10:00am and between 7:00pm and midnight. Please see the schedule map below:

This schedule only applies to automatic and hose-end sprinklers customers can water anytime with a hand-held hose.

Violators of the above schedule could result in a minimum $200.00 charge on your monthly water bill. To help prevent fines the District may leave informational materials on the doors of homes where they spot leaks, improper water and other water wasting activities.

The majority of irrigation used for landscaping, greenbelts and medians in Belterra comes from storm water basins or re-use water. Many of you will notice that shortly after a rain event several sprinklers in the greenbelt areas come on. Many of the water basins in Belterra are designed to capture storm water and filter any pollutants by using irrigation systems.

While the schedule and other water-saving measures are extremely valuable during the current drought conditions, these measures are beneficial regardless of how much (or little) rain our region receives. Long-term, these conservation measures will save you money on your water-utility bills - and they help manage the region's water resources to meet long-term needs. The District appreciates your support in following these measures.

Installing a new landscape and need to water more frequently?

Apply for a New Landscape Watering Variance to avoid incurring a watering violation.